UGTI Inc. Founders

Founder & CEO Henry Shterenberg

Mr. Shterenberg is a successful entrepreneur and international businessman who currently is a Partner at Briggs Capital an international investment bank as well as CEO of UGTI Inc. & Advisor to the Chairman of the Board at SFII Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Rector's Advisor on Innovation In 2016 he served as a senior advisor to the Governor of Kiev Region. Visionary, goal-oriented professional and entrepreneur with an MBA and over 20 years experience spearheading successful business operations in diverse arenas and industries. Expertly builds and develops companies from the ground up, with hands-on background in sales, customer service, and financial management. Creative, motivational and focused leader, instrumental in growing businesses through firm commitment to providing top service, building strong relationships, and optimizing communications to ensure optimum results.

President Aleks Mehrle

Mr. Mehrle is a licensed attorney and experienced business development professional, working with banks and international financing organizations to secure project-related financing. His primary responsibilities at UGTI Inc. include securing the participation and coordinating collaboration with leading US partners across a variety of sectors including education, energy, finance and innovation. To meet these obligations, Aleks draws on his past experience as Licensing Counsel for a global patent licensing company where he is a lead negotiator for all active patent licensing programs and developed patent and technology monetization opportunities through partnerships with universities, technology companies, law firms and the financial industry. As Executive Advisor for Ener-Core Inc., a California based alternative energy company, his primary responsibility is to detect, evaluate and structure projects to produce clean, domestic power while significantly reducing air emissions, particularly in countries interested in enhancing their energy security.

Chairman Rod Robertson

As the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital, Mr. Robertson focuses on maximizing value for sellers through a variety of innovative exit strategies, and he brings this understanding and career experience to his role as Executive Advisor to the UGTI Inc. management team. In particular, Rod brings over 20 years of transaction experience and entrepreneurial accomplishments which include serving as President and CEO for distribution, real estate, consumer products and software companies. Over the last 12 years, Rod has successfully represented in transactions over 50 companies seeking to sell or recapitalize their business, raise equity or divest subsidiaries. Rod recently published a well-received book, “Winning at Entrepreneurship” and is a highly regarded guest speaker at the Harvard Business School, Babson MBA program among a host of other speaking engagements. Rod is a well-quoted media source in the United States and is a regular guest appearing on radio and TV on a wide range of subjects.

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Mykola G. Malomuzh is the former Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and an Army General of Ukraine. Mr. Malomuzh graduated from the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University in 1983 with honors and a Master of Laws. Since 1983 he has served in various Ukrainian military and security agencies in both operational and executive roles. From 1996 to 1999 Mr. Malomuzh served as the Head of the Department of the National Statehood Security and Defense against International Terrorism of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). In 1999 he also assumed the post of a Deputy Head of a State Committee on Nationalities and Religions of Ukraine. From April 3, 2005 till June 18, 2010 Mr. Malomuzh served as Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine. Under his leadership the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service was reformed to align with European standards and developed into a dignified partner to 148 national intelligence agencies around the world. Mr. Malomuzh is a co-author of policies and legislation that shaped a modern and more effective national security policy for Ukraine. Mr. Malomuzh continues to serve Ukraine as Chairman of the Supreme Council of the NGO "National Assembly of Ukraine.”


Mr. Sek has over 35 years of work experience across a variety of industries and professions from education as a physics professor to CEO of a major holding company. He has equally varied and significant experience educating and managing people from students to large labor collectives of more than 1,400 employees for which he was responsible in the capacity of Director at the Association of Enterprises and Public Institutions in Ukraine. Mr. Sek also worked at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as an advisor to the Vice Prime Minister. Mr. Sek has experience and skill as negotiator comfortable with conducting business in Ukraine with domestic counterparties as well as with multinational companies. Over the past 10 years he has developed a strong reputation as an expert in the agriculture sector.


Mr. Popel has help top positions in numerous companies operating internationally and in Ukraine including, McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd., East One Group, UkrVata Ltd., Ukrainian Aviation Group, PJSC “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine“ and Ukrainian Railways. Mr. Popel is particularly renowned for his work as CFO for McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd., a company whose financial management he raised up to Western accounting and professional standards. Mr. Popel brings a wealth of experience in financial and tax planning, IT systems and infrastructure, marketing, brand and strategy development, and personnel management in Ukraine to the UGTI Inc. team.

President of Ukraine Finest ExportLARISA STARIKOVA

Larisa Starikova graduated Kiev State University and received PhD in math from Moscow Physical Institute and has enjoyed a varied and succesful career applying her analytical mind and training toward improvement of the public good. Among her projects include one under the auspices of a USAID Parliament Development Project where she helped transform press service of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (“VR”) into a modern parliamentary press office. After the Orange Revolution she served as a methodologist for a World Bank project focused on private sector development. In this role she realilsed then convinced the State Property Fund that it should take into account intangible assets and intellectual property in privatizations. Her final career phase begin in 2012 when Larisa turned to the agrarian sphere. In her first assignment she ran the Analytical Center for the Agrarian Union of Ukraine, the sector’s oldest NGO. Today she focuses on devevloping agrarian policy for small to mid-sized agro business to stimmulate growth through investment and innovative projects.