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UGTI’s Accomplishments to date

  • Over $5 Billion in DEAL FLOW pipeline
  • Secured access to deal flow from Liquidated Banks in Ukraine
  • Secured access to deal flow from Privatization & Public - Private Partnerships in Ukraine
  • Unmatched Access to top tier Political & Business elite
  • Proprietary Risk Mitigation System
  • Partnerships & Relationships with leading global financial institutions ready to do business in Emerging Markets
  • Largest law firm in the world, Dentons
  • Global team of 100+ professionals and subject matter experts
  • Executed multiple representation and JV agreements
  • Organizational Infrastructure in Ukraine
  • Social Media access to over 1,000,000 followers

UGTI Inc. Partial Deal Flow

  • Cyber Security: $1B untapped market with Ukraine's National security at stake
  • Alternative Energy: Over 500 MW of Solar, Wind & Waste projects
  • Intellectual Property: 50+ Technologies with commercial potential ready for evaluation
  • Municipal Energy Reform in partnership BOSCH (Germany): geothermal heating and cooling technology and others
  • Ukraine Natural Resources: 7M tons of organic fertilizers, clay, minerals, titanium and rare earth metals throughout Ukraine
  • BioTech: Miscanthus ready to cultivate for production of energy, cellulose, biochemicals, biocomposites & biopharmaceuticals
  • Ukraine Customs Terminals: 7 terminals with 18 month return on capital and over 50% net margins
  • Expansion of Kosher & Halal meat production facility
  • Expansion of Starch & Farina factory with vertical integration
  • Expansion of facilities for Construction Materials including timber and glass
  • Over 30 M&A opportunities in Agricultural Sector from assets of liquidated Ukrainian banks
  • Ukraine Finest Exports: export of organic produce worldwide
  • Ukraine Aviation: investment, sale, leasing, service & procurement of fixed and rotor wing aircraft of Ukraine’s Aviation Industry
  • Heavy Industry of Ukraine (physical assets and highly educated Human Resources) available to subcontract to Heavy Industry of US
  • Ukraine Intellectual Resource: over 3,000 scientists, engineers and other PHD’s available for cutting edge R&D at fraction of the cost
  • $3,000,0000,000 to $5,000,000,000 to supply working capital to small and mid size AGRO holdings with annual rate of return of 12%+
  • 10 opportunities to Purchase, Develop and Monetize industrial parks in Ukraine, including near regional airports and transport hubs
  • Sale Fishing and Processing Ships with a capacity of 50,0000 tons and over 100% profit margin
  • Ukraine’s strategic assets available for purchase through Privatization or Investment through Public-Private Partnerships